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who are disappointed in obama to defect. you can look at his polling numbers across categories and, by all calculations, he has failed to be that candidate. for people on the left, super pac's, labor, it is not are they going to support us? but can we change their behavior and have them vote. >> before we move on from this topic. i want to give you guys a chance. this kind of dynamic that a lot people assume through tampa of was that the romney campaign is trying to run primarily on the kind of argument that you mentioned earlier. obama has not lived up to his promises. the economy is not good. gives someone else a chance. >> that would have solved the stimulus problem, by the way. >> ok. obama did not live up to that. the perception is that argument alone is not going to do anything. >> i agree. >> the republicans miss a big opportunity? >> they spent $100 million on negative ads in swing states this summer sort of refraining who romney is. they were enormously effective. they happen without any real organized response coming from the other side. one of the things i learned as a c
thought governor romney had to do two things attend in his speech -- explain why obama deserves not to be reelected and explain why he deserves to be elected. as well as giving some idea of the roots of his values. since this was an introduction to america at large. i think he largely did a good job. >> i thought the speech was a fairly good speech. it did reintroduce mitt romney to the american public. however, it did not change my mind. i will still vote for president obama. >> i watched the whole convention. i am extremely impressed. i was undecided. now i am decided. i am 100% a mitt romney supporter. >> i am an obama supporter. i think -- he made 12 million new jobs compared to romney who has to start all over. at this point, obama's record against what romney has done, there is no comparison. the ticket of mitt romney and paul ryan together against obama and joe biden -- there is no comparison. let president obama had the republican house. how does he get anything done? that is what we need to focus on. putting obama back in and let him finish what he has started. >> mr. r
. here is the problem. president obama and too many politicians like him in washington, they are more worried about their next election than they are worried about the next generation. [applause] we need leadership. you have mark here. that man is a great leader. send him back city to help us fix the mess in washington. we have entrepreneurs in this country that built this country. by the way, john phillips, we are here at your business. you know what? you build this business. [applause] the government does not get the credit for that. you know, the president gave a big speech last night. well, just hear me out. look. president obama is not a bad guy. no. president obama is not a bad guy. he is good at giving great speeches. he is just really bad at creating jobs. [applause] here is the problem. when you think that the road to success and prosperity is more borrowing, more spending, more taxing, off more regulating, a government-centered society with a government-run economy, these are the kinds of results that we get. if we want the next four years to be any different than the last f
convention and the obama administration and the democratic pitch to women this time around seems to be focused entirely around the a guarantee that the government will pay for everyone's contraception. as i watched the convention and thought about my grandmother and my great-grandmother's and the dreams they had, i wondered, is it really the case that that is the limit of the dream that those speakers have for their daughters and granddaughters? [applause] and don't you all think we should aim may be just a little bit higher than that? [applause] now, if you happen to be a stay at home,, this administration also has a message for you. i am sure that many of you heard this. one of the president felt he -- one of the president's key operatives said that ann romney in particular had never worked a day in her life. yes. because she was stay at home. if you think about every stay at home on that you know, first of all, i am 100% confident, you pick any stay at home mom and she will know more on her little finger about how to balance the budget, about how not to live beyond her means t
. other speakers include erskine bowles and alan simpson, both shares of president obama's debt reduction commission. it is live beginning at 12:30 p.m. eastern on c-span 2. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] now a conversation with former education secretary bill bennett, now an author and radio talk-show host. he was a guest on today's " washington journal." this is just over 45 minutes. we want to welcome bill bennett, former education secretary. we want to talk to you about education and friday, the forum introducing your former employee, intern, now the vice president nominee of paul ryan. when did you first meet paul ryan? guest: i met him at power america, hired by ben webber, former -- it was vin webber, jack kemp, and we were the partners of partner of america and paul ryan was hired as speech writer and staff assistant to jack kemp and also when i needed help. host: do you think he has helped the ticket? guest: yes i do. one thing that he has done that's quite remarkable is he has made the whole debate
of barack obama as president and the weekly from the -- message from the weekly standard is simple, explain how ghastly the prospect of four more years of president obama really is and explain the course after romney-ryan administration that will follow and how the new polices will lead to a national recovery. what he has been saying is mitt romney has not been doing that. guest: well he's been doing it some. mitt romney is criticized -- remember when he put out the 59 points, they said this is too many points, too specific, now he's criticized for not being specific enough. maybe something in the middle like goldilocks and the porridge, not too hot, not too cold, maybe 10 points. he certainly needs to stay on offense. the debate is very important for him. one of the things in the past week has been the emergence of foreign policy as an issue. i think this is a strong place for mitt romney to go. i thought the statement that he made was proper and correct. host: in fact you read the entire statement on friday, why? guest: i did because i wanted the audience to know exactly what he said and
viewers have had to say. >> governor romney has to do two things. number one, explain why obama deserves not to be reelected. the other is to explain why he deserves to be reelected. as well as giving some ideas of the roots of his values. this is an introduction to america at large. he did a good job. >> it was a fairly good speech. it reintroduced romney to the american public. i will still vote for president obama. >> i watched the convention. i am impressed. i was undecided. now i am decided. in romney supporter. >> i am an obama supporter. romney will have to start all over. record against what romney has done. there is no comparison. >> president obama needs to finish what he started. >> met rodney did a fabulous job. >> watch coverage. >> howard university posted discussions thursday about the youths vote no. but 2012. vote -- vote in 2012. they also talked about new state laws requiring voter i.d. and registration requirements. this is about one hour and 45 minutes. thank you. i am going to ask you to do something different. how many of you saw the poll that saul met ronnie but t
-span 2. >> first lady michelle obama was in wisconsin friday at this campaign stop in appleton. this was her second visit to wisconsin in a little more than a month. it's half an hour. [cheers] >> thank you so much! yes, i'm very excited to be with you all today. i want to start by thanking eli for that very kind introduction for everything he's doing for this campaign. i want to thank a couple of -- one more person as well. i want to recognize former senator russ feingold. [cheers] thank you for everything you've done for this state and everything that he's doing for the campaign here in wisconsin. and most of all, i want to thank all of you, especially all the students here at lawrence university. thanks for being here. yes! yes! now, you all seem pretty fired up and ready to go. [cheers] and that's great because i'm feeling pretty fired up and ready to go myself. yes indeed. you know, the wonderful thing about coming out into the country, coming and doing rallies, speaking to you guys is that i get to do one of my favorite things -- i get to talk about the man i have loved a
michelle obama. wednesday, elizabeth warren and former president bill clinton. thursday, vice president joe biden and president barack obama. use our convention have to make an share video clips. >> in the end, that is what this election is about. do we participate in a politics of cynicism, or to participate in a politics of hope? john kerry called on us to hope. john edwards calls on us to hope. i am not talking about blind optimism, the almost willful ignorance that thinks unemployment will go away if you do not think about it, or our health care crisis will solve itself if we ignore it. i am talking about something more substantial. >> connect with other c-span viewers with twitter and google hangouts/ c-span.org/campaign2012. >> the british house of commons returns from its summer recess this week. you can see prime minister's questions live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span 2, and again at 9:00 p.m. eastern and pacific time. >> next, vice president biden on the campaign trail in green bay, wisconsin. he pointed out differences between the obama administration policy on taxes, medicare, a
, they say, that what barack obama and joe biden h have done, they have endangered medicare. they have stole moneyy. you have seen the ads. nothing could be further from the truth. every one of you in this room that's on medicare or knows someone, a mom or dad, who is on medicare, knows that since barack obama acted, your parents have and your parents on medicare have more. [cheers and applause] any of you on medicare know, that not only did you hit that doughnut hole where you have to pay all the prescriptions, you are saving $800 a year more than you would had barack not acted. number two, you can go in for that unscheduled visit you didn't think you would need. you don't need to pay a co-pay. you don't need a co-pay for things like colonoscopies and mammograms. [cheers and applause] it is just a bold-faced misrepresentation. i don't know how they can say that with so many medicare recipients saying they are better off. the thing most people don't know is that the action the president has taken has strengthened the medicare trust fund and extended its life up to 2024. that was never there
with obama, give her credit to that. >> i think congressman akin's comments opens the window to his views for missourians. he has apologizedder those comments but they say a lot about how he views things. that's where missourians need to pay attention. i believe a rape victim should be allowed to have a emergency contraception in order to avoid pregnancy. todd akin does not. i believe his view is extreme and out of the mainstream for most missourians. there's other extreme views, he wants to abolish the minimum wage, he wants to do away with student loans. think what would happen to columbia, missouri if the only kid who could get a college loans, the only kids that can go to college with rich kids are the super star academics. he wants to privatize medicare, privatize social security, he wants to do away with student lunch program. he is one of the handful, think there were four or five members of the united states congress that voted to eliminate child nutrition program. the vote was something like 416-5. i don't think that's the mainstream compromise willing fix problems and attitude t
to confrontation with putin's russia. these guys say president obama is out of touch? how many of all have a swiss bank account? untold millions in the cayman island? how many of you if you running for office let the american people see your tax returns? out of touch? what romney and ryan espoused, i know they believe it and mean it, they espoused is the social policy right out of the 19 of -- 1960s and economic policy that's brought us to great recession. ladies and gentlemen this is no time to turn back. we must continue to move forward. your very standard of living is at stake. there's no single doubt in my mind that we're on our way to rebuilding this country stronger than it was before the recession. i am absolutely certainly that we're on our way to rebuilding the middle class because i know give a half a chance, the american people never, ever let the country down. we believe in the american people. because i know you. we know you. it's never, never been a good bet to bet against america. ladies and gentlemen, join us, help us finish what we started with your help, we'll win wisconsin and w
, a debate with candidates fofert u.s. -- for the u.s. senate in missouri. then michelle obama at the congressional black caucus. and then a discussion of medicare advantage program funding. >> tomorrow, mexican president calderon discusses u.s.-mexico relations and the consumer -- country's standing locally on the council on foreign relations. coverage begins at 9:00 a.m. eastern on c-span 2. >> we are trying to encourage our developers to think about what information they really need to make the app functional. so for instance if you are playing a game, do they really need to collect geo location information that will track the consumer if as aggregated and collected? it can collect the consumer as she pass through the day and for all day. what information is needed to make the app fumpingsal? in other words, should access be limited? how long do you need to retain it? and when you are done with it, what are you going to do with it? >> one of the big problems is to look for -- they are looking for more and more people to move into this industry, creating apps, all that goes i
to do with the old, -- obama record. >> the biggest advantage for the president as he was not challenged in the primaries. historically we reelect those not challenged by their own parties. he has the worst economy and if he wins, it will be for the second time, truly historic. ronald reagan in 1984, 7.2 and dropped continuously the year before. it has ticked up a little bit in recent months. it will be because of the demographic shifts and the ability to persuade voters although it is not what they wish for, it is better than the alternative. dodge both on your way to charlotte >> dodge the convention hub has turned democratic for the charlotte convention. you can watch everything on line and you can see a lot of archival video. thank you for joining us on "newsmakers peak well -- "newsmakers." >> al gore as he accepted the nomination at the 1992 convention. he stayed out of the 1992 campaign partly because his son had been hit by a car a few years earlier. his speeches about half an hour. [applause] thank you. thank you. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. thank you very much. beene to te
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)

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